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Psalmist and Gospel Artist Tamika Hall Talks New Music and Journey

by That Riverz Girl


Tamika Hall Is an Award-Winning author, national speaker, psalmist, playwright, radio host and business coach. As a speaker, Tamika empowers women all over through leadership, business and personal development.  She is also the bestselling author of more than 15 books which three have held the number one spot on Amazon's Bestseller's List. As a gospel artist, Tamika has opened up for Mary Mary, Jekayln Carr, Maruette Brown Clark and others. 


INCLINE MAGAZINE: So, tell us how did you get into the music industry? Was it something you always wanted to do?

TAMIKA HALL: I tell people all the time that I am a worship leader who has the amazing opportunity to record. So when I got into this industry it really was more about me taking worship to another level. I wanted to take the message of Christ Beyond The Four Walls of the church and I wanted to go global. My Mantra is created to make God famous. At the end of the day everything that I do is about bringing Christ to the Forefront.


Music is something that I've always loved even as a child I wanted to sing period and singing for the Lord has always been my passion.

In addition to singing my own music I am also a radio host and the CEO of Radio, so I have the most amazing job on the planet of being able to share the music of other Independent Artists from around the world.

  INCLINE MAGAZINE: Were you apart of your church choir as well?

TAMIKA HALL: Yes, I definitely was part of the church choir, LOL. The church choir is where I discovered that I actually could sing and had somewhat of a voice. I was 5 years old and I was part of the Sunshine Band at church and I was asked to sing a solo and people actually liked it… Yes, that's where the dream was born.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: Tell us more about your singing career

TAMIKA HALL: I'm an independent Gospel artist and songwriter and I have been singing professionally for nearly 5 years. It hasn't been an easy road but it's definitely been worth it. My goal is not about Fame for myself but it really is about love for the music and the message that it conveys. It's amazing how powerful music can be. To have someone say that their life was saved because of the lyrics of one's music wow it's a feeling I can't even describe.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: Growing up, what music artists did you listen to? What were some of your favorite songs?

TAMIKA HALL: I grew up as a PK, preacher's kid. I'm also an army brat so I've literally lived all over the world and the music that was played in our home is just as eclectic as my cultural experiences. So growing up I listened to everyone from The Clark Sisters, Sandi Patty, Amy Grant,, Mississippi Mass Choir, Shirley Ceaser, and Ron Kenolu to name a few.



INCLINE MAGAZINE: What artists have you opened up for at major events? What was your reaction?

TAMIKA HALL: Wow… I've had the opportunity to open for artists like Mary Mary, Jekalyn Carr, Maurette Brown Clark, and song for Pastor John P. Kee.


When it comes to reactions I'll be honest I was really nervous at first, lol…. but I'm always nervous when I Minister whether I'm singing for 10 people or a thousand people my nerves are always the same. The very first time I sang in front of a major celebrity I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick! After that you learn to manage the nerves and understand that you are still on assignment. When you open for a major Act you are there to help set the atmosphere before they go forth. It's still a God thing you know what I mean?


I also look at it as a learning experience it's really awesome to be able to see them in action. To see how they engage with the crowd and really work their gift of song and Ministry together.


I haven't personally had any negative experiences with any major artist, but I will say that the one artist that I always want to be like is Maurette Brown Clark. She is so incredibly down to earth and she has this amazing ability of making people feel great about themselves. So, you literally will walk away from her feeling better than you did before you spoke to her. I want to be that for everybody that comes in contact with me.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: How do you balance your career life and your personal life? Do you find it challenging at times?

TAMIKA HALL: Balance can definitely be a challenge. not only is their responsibility to my home life, but I also run several businesses, have a staff, and then there's the challenge of rest and restoration for myself. Some of the ways that I balance it is that I have had to set time boundaries for myself. For example, as much as I can the business will end at a certain time. I wake up as early as 4 a. M. Everyday before anyone else in the house is awake because it gives me an opportunity to handle a lot of paperwork and set my day in order. I also make sure to shut the business down at a certain time so I can have me time as well as family time.

My Ministry which includes music speaking Etc sometimes those hours have to be a little bit more flexible but I still try to keep late hours to a minimum because those in my home need my attention as well.

I've also started setting vacation days for myself. So every couple of months I give myself something to look forward to and I will literally take off a week from handling business and Ministry if possible. It's during that time that I just spend with myself and with my family I don't even answer silly need to go anywhere I just enjoy not having to do anything.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: I see that you have a new single called “Time to Praise” What was going through your mind when you created the song? What was your inspiration behind it?

TAMIKA HALL: Yes, time to praise is my latest single. when I wrote the song I wanted something that had a great feel to it, music that'll make you want to Move & Groove. I also wanted it to be easy enough that if praise and worship teams around the world wanted to sing it they would be able to do so.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: Do you have any albums out currently? If so, how many?

TAMIKA HALL: I don't have a full album out yet, but my album, Captured will be coming out November 2018. I'm so excited about this project it's been a long time coming. I've literally been working on it for a couple of years. And in a lot of ways it's almost my love song to God about being captured by just the essence of who he is. So when people listen to this album they are going to get the big band sound of my song, Great I Am. they're also going to hear the smooth styles of time to praise we've added something different to it. and they're also going to hear the innermost depths of my heart with my song Lifeline. Which is one that I wrote at a moment when I wanted to take my own life.


INCLINE MAGAZINE: What is next for Tamika Hall? Any projects/events coming up?

TAMIKA HALL: There's a lot taken place in the Tamika Hall camp. I'm so excited about what God is doing you just have no idea! The radio station iworship 96 FM radio we are going to be releasing a song, My All, in October and we have collaborated with artists from around the country.


I also have a new phone app that I just released and people can connect with me through my phone app. All they have to do is search for Tamika Hall official in their App Store.


April 5th and 6th of 2019 I will be hosting the first She Wins Women's Conference. So there's a lot that is taking place here and I'm so ecstatic about it.


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