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November 14, 2018 - 536 views

Making God Famous and Being Courageous

An Interview with Tamika Hall



What is courage?

Although it has many meanings, most of us can agree that courage is about facing the things that scare you, that you're unsure of, that can bring about negative what-ifs.

When we don't face the fear, uncertainty, and what-ifs, however, we never realize that what's on the other side of those things are the rewards for having endured.

For many of us, courage comes from God and the strength he places in us.

Digital media mogul Tamika Hall knows all about that type of courage.

Fear tried to keep her in a job she no longer liked, a job that had her and her children unhappy. She dreamed of starting her own company, but the fear reminded her why she shouldn't.

Instead of going out on her own, Hall applied for other jobs, hoping to find one that would make her happy while also knowing that being her own boss was her true happiness.

In six months, she had applied to 40 jobs. In every interview, she was told how great she was and what a great fit she'd be for the job, and after every interview, she said God told her, "Everything that you need is right inside of your hands. That's why nothing's working out for you."

Even with God's truth within her, Hall continued applying for jobs and crying to family members as she did so because she didn't want the jobs.

"Lord, please don't let me get this job if I'm not supposed to have it," Hall remembered saying often, "but then I would turn around and apply for 17 more jobs. Literally. In the same night."

Eventually, courage stepped in and took the reins, and Hall finally said, "God, I know you got me, and I know you got my kids," and as a result, "I was able to live the dream."

Knowing this back story, it's not surprising that when asked who she is at her core, Hall's response is "I am created to make God famous. God has blessed me to do a lot of things, and I want to glorify him—as a mother, a businesswoman, someone in ministry."

As a businesswoman, Hall glorifies God by wearing many hats: award-winning author, national speaker, psalmist, playwright, radio host, business coach, and gospel artist, of which many of these "hats" fall under Hall's company, Tamika Ink Media Group. Through the company, Hall and her employees work to, among other things, help authors design and publish their books and put them in front of people.

Even with God on our side, we're human, and as such, we still must find ways to stay motivated in our pursuit of happiness. Hall said her motivation is "the fear of having lack, though that's not always the best thing." She spoke of a time when everything was OK in her life, and then for 10 years, she hit a rough patch. Some days, she wondered if she would eat. "I would feed the kids and pick a few bites from their plates without them knowing and realizing that Mommy didn't have her own food." For Hall, she not only wanted to make God proud; she wanted to make her kids proud, too. "Talk about courageous," she said. "Having kids turns you into a fierce lioness. My two girls are my rock. I want them to know they can burst through a glass ceiling if they keep God in their lives. You can do whatever you want—as long as your cou


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