Shaquan Hoke and Jena Janse on the Tamika Hall Radio Show

November 05, 2018
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Monday, November 5, 2018, Author & Philanthropist Shaquan Hoke as well as Author Jena Janse appeared on the Tamika Hall Radio Show.

Shaquan Hoke talks about bouncing back from homelessness as a single mother of 5 to launching her own business, organization, and authoring two bestselling books.

Jena Janse joined us from the Caribbean to talk about her new book, "Ring Ready: a practial playbook on How to Find, Keep and Marry Mr. Right."


1. AJB Clothing: A.J.B. stands for Amelia Janis Bledsoe, my grandmother, who died of Alzheimer’s and dementia. For the last two and a half years of her life, I was my grandmother’s caretaker. I witnessed her experience countless emotions. In her honor, I decided to create apparel  that reflect how you are feeling, and at the same time provide hope!  

My grandmother was extremely kind, and she would give anything to anyone. I never saw her beg, or wrongly overcharge people for anything. This is why I want my apparel to be extremely affordable for everyone. I hope that my line will build confidence and boost self-esteem & self-worth, all while going against everything that we consider politically correct, in an inspirational and motivational way. 

 When people sport my stuff, I hope they’ll always feel confident, inspired, and strong.
2. Micah Brinkley: Clarity Guid & Goal Strategist. Helping women get unstuck through strategies that turn desires into goals and goals into accomplishments.
3. GGWLJ Girls Guys Who Love Jesus: GGWLJ stands for Girls Guys Who Love Jesus.This design line was created to inspire individuals with letters of love, hope and encouragement. We believe that these designs will not only inspire those who wear it but also impact others who see it. I call this a walking ministry, therefore you do not know what the average person goes through or experience day by day. This movement of New Wear was given to me by God. I hope that this site continues to bless others day in and day out!!!
"Well Done Remix," Erica Campbell
"Can't Tell It," Ajermaine Nixon
"Awesome God," Gerald & Tammi Haddon
"Don't Take Your Joy Away," Kirk Franklin
"Stay Free," So'Lo
"Happy" Robert Hawkins


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