Live with Durmond Glanton

September 17, 2019
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Recording Artist, Durmond Glanton, appeared on the Tamika Hall Radio Show, September 16, 2019, at 6PM EST. 

About Durmond Glanton

The “UNDEFEATED” Story of Durmond Glanton
Durmond Glanton was born on July 14, 1977. Since the time of his conception, the enemy has
had a hit out on Durmond’s life. At the age of 4, he taught himself how to play the drums, and had it
mastered by the age of 9. He served faithfully as the church drummer until the age of 22. It was then
when Durmond locked himself in a room and taught himself how to play the piano.
In 2000, while attending a local revival in Rochester, NY, a prophet named Eric Cooper from
Phoenix, Arizona spoke into Durmond’s life and declared that “After the Storm, God is going to put
your name in lights for the world to see.”

Since then Durmond has survived 3 strokes, beginning stage lung cancer, a minor heart attack,
homelessness, drug addiction and suicidal battles. If you ask him today, “Durmond, how were you
able to go through all of that at such a young age and STILL survive?” His answer is simple, “When God
is fighting for you, you can’t lose. People CHOOSE to be defeated, I choose to be UNDEFEATED with
God on my side.”

Durmond is now a skillful Minister of Music at the WOW (Winning Over the World) Church in
Atlanta, Georgia. He is an accomplished songwriter, vocal coach, music teacher, music producer and
recording artist. His main goal in Kingdom work and in life, is changing the world “One song at a
time”. Durmond’s plans are to give back to less fortunate churches in their music departments to help
build strong bible based musicians for Ministry. He is a great example of overcoming all odds, and


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