Women Who Win: Michelle Obama Is Named World's Most Admired Woman

July 21, 2019

Personally, I'm not surprised at all, and I want to tap into my 12-year-old self and shout, "DUH!"

The poll, which was conducted by YouGov’s annual study, surveyed over 41,000 people in 41 countries to compile their list. In doing so, Black Girl Magic reigned supreme with Obama at the number one spot and Oprah right behind her at number two. Last year’s most admired woman, Angelina Jolie, came in at number three.

Other women on the top twenty list include Queen Elizabeth II, Emma Watson, Madonna, and Malala.

According to the study, First Lady Obama and forever president Barack Obama were also determined to be the most admired man and woman in the United States. Again, no surprise to us as the two have continued to epitomize service, class, and excellence.