Nigerian Gospel Artist, IBethia, to Appear on Tamika Hall Radio Show

February 08, 2019

Tune in to the Tamika Hall Radio Show, Monday, February 11, 2019 at 6PM EST to hear my live interview with Nigerian Gospel Artist, IBethia! Tune in live or It's going to be an awesome time as we debut her newest single, "Jar of Oil."


My singing journey started at a young age of 9 in Nigeria. My mom encouraged my big brother and I to join the church choir. We would go to practice on Saturdays and sing on Sundays. It was fun for us because it was a time to meet church friends and learn new songs. At times I would watch as the choir master would give us our parts to sing and the lead vocalist would sing so beautifully. I wanted to someday sing as lovely as they. In my youth fellowship group, the youth pastor would sometimes ask me to lead praise and worship before Wednesday bible study times and although at the time I didn’t know what God was preparing me for, it became part of my nature to sing. 
I am married to my Love Nathaniel and we have three beautiful boys. 
Singing Worship and talking about God gives me so much joy.
I would often dream of singing and wake up in a worship. I would sing in the shower, sing while I work; humming endlessly to myself. Worshipping God makes me happy and as I have experienced, music can change a life. There have been many occasions in the past where hearing just the right song at the right time had saved me! I want to create songs that are Spirit led for just the right moments, to change lives for the better. To the Glory of God. 
My Joy is to see people live their highest calling and fulfill their purpose without mental or physical restrictions on resources. 
By Gods grace, I plan to release 1 song per month in 2019 and pray that these songs bless the world! 
Song titles to date include:
Jar of oil - January 2019
To Worship You- December 2018
Forever Reign- November 2018
Instagram: @ibethiamusicprod