Meet Shay Sisco-Lewis, Entrepreneur and Empowerment Speaker

June 28, 2019

Entrepreneur and Empowerment Speaker, Shay Lewis-Sisco , will appear on the Tamika Hall Radio Show, Monday, July 15, 2019 at 6PM EST. Tune in live on or download the phone app from your app store: iTunes  | Google Play | Blackberry 


Shavonte “Shay” Lewis-Sisco is the Founder and CEO of WOW Inspired: an organization that educates, serves and supports aspiring leaders and career professionals to re-energize, revive and ignite their passions to "walk in their purpose" through strategic planning, coaching, speaking engagements, and writing projects. 

More than the Founder and CEO of WOW Inspired, Shay is a Servant Leader, Public Speaker, Life and Career Advocate with a welcoming smile and a grassroots approach that exemplifies her small town upbringing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where she suffered through a failed marriage, loss of a child at 18, depression, and the rejection of those who she once valued as friends and members of her family all before the age of 25.  It was in this darkness that the sparks began to ignite the fire within Mrs. Lewis-Sisco and light the path towards her life's true calling. Shay has a unique passion for helping others, building community and engaging those who have been left behind or have felt that they are not good enough because they have been rejected so many times.  Through her personal struggles, Shay learned the importance of having an advocate, whether through therapy or the counsel of community faith-based leaders.

It was through the influence of God and those leaders that began her professional journey as a champion for those in need, by becoming an advocate at the Maryland Department of Social Services and later a Job Services Specialist for the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations, where she advises and assists job seekers with resume writing, career counseling, job interview skills, job referrals, career and job search, training information, local resources, and assisting with overcoming barriers to employment.  Shay has shown an outstanding ability to work with diverse populations, ranging from politicians, community leaders, veterans, youth, and ex-offenders.  Outside of the office, she has become a regular fixture at the local school board and community meetings, providing a voice for those in her community with whom she has spoken.

Also known as ShaySpeaks, Shay uses social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to spread inspirational messages, information, and sage advice to those who view and follow her.  "I strongly believe that there is something greater in each of us and feel purposed to inspire others to bring the greater you out of you."

But for Shay today, her most important titles are a child of God, loving mother and wife, where she receives her biggest support and her greatest inspiration. Shay has learned to stand humble, fearless, unapologetic in her truths in order to “Work Your Win” which is the primary reason she acknowledges her call to Inspire the Influencer in You.


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