Meet Gladys Osofisan, Worship Leader & Recording Artist

July 21, 2019

Gladys Osofisan is a worship leader and recording artist, she will appear on the Tamika Hall Radio Show, Monday, August 12, 2019, at 6 PM EST. Tune in live on or download the phone app from your app store: iTunes  | Google Play | Blackberry 


Gladys describes herself as a passionate worship leader and lover of God.  In her own words – ‘My one prayer every time I get to minister in worship is ‘All of Him and none of me.’ I want to introduce people not just to the song but to the God behind the song so that they can experience the same love and peace of this God that I sing about.  I believe very strongly that every experience in worship should be a deeper encounter than the one before.  

She has been leading worship for more than 2 decades and wants people to understand that worship is a powerful way to refuel our heart.   It is the one place where we can find balance in this confusing world.  That has been her experience and one that has influenced the way she leads worship

One of her favorite songs of all time is Brave by Amanda Cook.  Her most memorable line in that song; permit the paraphrasing is ‘You(God) make me brave; you call me out beyond the shores into the waves and no fear can hinder now the promises you made!  She says ‘I have come from a place of fear and timidity to a place where I choose to walk before God with total and reckless abandon because I know where He’s brought me from. I know where He currently has me and I have cut a glimpse of where He is taking me.  I choose to walk fearlessly in my purpose and I find it very liberating.’ 

She is currently a worship minister at Agape House of Worship in Roselle, NJ and recently released 2 Singles All My Praise’ and ‘Yes’ at her debut concert ‘Unrestrained Worship’ on June 1st, 2019.  She also runs a blog called ‘Worshipwithgladys’ – ( and is married to the love of her life Olusola and blessed with two children Nife and Fife.


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