Felicia Jarrell of Goldmine & CoCo to Appear on Tamika Hall Radio Show

February 07, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019, meet Felicia Jarrell of Goldmine & CoCo Stationary Company on the Tamika Hall Radio Show. Tune in live right here on www.tamikahall.com or log onto: www.iworship96.com 


It's not everyday you find a woman who has not even hit 30, running her own thriving business. Even more rare when she is a woman of color. But, Felicia Jarrell is not your typical woman. She has been overcoming the odds and birthing miracles into reality since youth. She fell in love in middle school, maintained a relationship that lasted throughout high school until finally marrying her sweetheart. Even if you've not been in a relationship, you can understand how much work is involved in that achievement. She credits her successes in life to the fact she learned early about hard work, perseverance and dedication from her father. Watching him get up everyday without complaint to provide for his family, no matter how he felt is her motivation and inspiration. Despite dropping out of college and being busy as a wife and mother to two busy children (5 and 1) she managed to reach for her dreams. She opened Goldmine & Coco with less than $100 and a large portion of determination and shear faith. Don't think that means she's ready to rest. She is striving for "a seat at the table" with the goal to be targeted by nationwide retail stores.  Thriving off human connection and empowering women, she makes an effort to stay connected to her audience. She enjoys being able to share her passion for uniting women through their shared love of art and stationery. You can keep up with her on her recently launched YouTube channel and blog. 


Goldmine & Coco Was Built from a Love of Planning Between Two Cousins. Courtney (Coco) Introduced Felicia (Goldmine) to Planning and Together They Dived in Head First. Although the Company is Solely Owned by Felicia, She Wanted to Pay Homage to Her Older Cousin for Helping to Facilitate Her Love of Planning and All Things Crafting, Thus Goldmine & CoCo. G&C Started on Faith and A Dream Alone and Every Step of the Process Has Been Nothing Short of Mind Blowing. We Want to Welcome You Into Our World and Hope You Find Exactly What You're Looking For. Happy Shopping! www.goldmineandcoco.com