Author Donyea Cale-Salaam to Appear on the Tamika Hall Radio Show

February 07, 2019
Monday, February 18, 2019, meet the author behind the new book, "It's Not Over," Donyea Cale-Salaam. Tune in to the live show via or on 

Born in 1973, Donyea Cale-Salaam grew up in Middletown, De. In 2014, she married and relocated to New Jersey. Donyea has been in Customer Service all her employment years. One day she decided to step out on Faith, give birth to her vision in her heart and write her first book. Donyea is an Evangelist in the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church, spreading the Gospel and actively working in her local church. Which has opened the door, for an Outreach Ministry, visiting the homeless shelters once  a month.

She is currently lives with her husband, Eric Salaam Sr., two sons Noah Cale & Nyaire Cale and one daughter Niahja Cale. She also has three older sons Eric Salaam jr., Keshaun Cale & Nakye Cale.
Donyea strongly believes that we must walk by faith and not by sight. She believes that even though we face many issues in life, we can still come out victorious!

IT’S NOT OVER, takes the reader on a journey of betrayal deceit, and unexpected struggles, yet it will leave you with a sense of forgiveness, hope, and encouragement. Hope, is a waitress, who thought she found the love of her life, living a glamorous life, until the truth is revealed, that everything is not what it appears. Merci, a very insecure woman, full of anxieties, with good reason, is already having a hard time with her marriage and then tragedy strikes. Grace, a very successful business woman, great mother, and dedicated to the church, finds herself in a loveless marriage. You will be intrigued by the stories of these three strong women, with relatable stories, that will inspire the very heart of the reader."