October 03, 2018

October 1, Ashani Mfuko and Natalie Diamond appeared on the Tamika Hall Radio Show.


Ashani Mfuko is a Social Media Strategist, Online Branding Specialist, and Professional Dancer. She uses her passion for social media, digital marketing, and dance, to teach dance artists and dance business owners increase their income, impact, and influence online. With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing and online branding, and over 20 years of experience in the dance industry, Ashani creates customized, high-impact social media marketing solutions for the dance industry, and shows dancers, choreographers, and dance business owners, how to build an online brand that is powerful, and profitable.
Ashani has been featured on the “Arise & Shine Weekend Morning Show” as a social media expert, in Dance Magazine, as a “Media Maven”, as well as in Dance Mogul magazine, Inside Woman magazine, & Dance Studio Life magazine, in addition to numerous television shows, and dance blogs online. Ashani is a New York City native, and graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, and in Hispanic Studies. She received much of her training from the The Ailey School and Steps on Broadway, and is trained in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, West-African, Latin, and Ethnic-Fusion dance. 
Ashani has taught dance classes at The Joffrey Ballet School, Steps on Broadway, Ballet Hispanico, The Ailey Extension, and many prominent dance schools throughout the New York Metropolitan area.
She is accomplished in all aspects of digital marketing, social media marketing, and online branding, and is an award-winning blogger, self-published author, and internationally-recognized media personality and social media strategist for the dance industry. 
Ashani is also happily married, and a proud mom of three, young children.

Natalie Diamond is a motivational speaker that’s been featured on websites, blogs, radio shows and speaking events. Natalie received her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and went on to receive her Masters in Business Administration following that. She was born in Florida evolving into young women with one goal within every speaking engagement, and that is to reach beyond the surface.
Natalie spent most of her younger adult years in the entertainment industry as a model for roughly 7 years. Starting her modeling career in college, she witnessed a lot of unfortunate things that young women go through in this industry that grasped her attention. Eventually she moved to South Florida with a focus on her modeling career in the city of Miami, Fl. Natalie witnessed so much within the entertainment industry that could’ve potentially held her back from achieving anything in life but by the grace of God, she was pulled in the direction of Christianity which changed her life.
When she discovered that life consists of more then just money and society’s version of what beauty is, her life made a 360 degree turn. She quit modeling and founded a ministry called Diamondnu (Diamond In You) where she executes her passion to teach young women about the Lord and the importance of valuing themselves through Him verses what the world portrays to be right. Natalie’s aim is to deliver every message with transparency and truth. She has the gift of reaching young women by telling her story withholding nothing back. Her approach does not cover up reality nor does it place a façade over it. She believes and stays true to this method because it’s exactly what was able to save her from the entertainment industry. Her platform is driven by the word of God coupled with her unique story. Book Natalie today to start making a change in the young women of your community!